Redesign To Sell is our home staging process that inspires buyers to see a property as a home, their home.

Whether you are still living in the home you are selling or the home is vacant, the idea is to present your home in the best possible light that appeals to the majority of potential buyers.

For occupied homes we take the approach that you still need to live in the home you are selling. You still need your things but maybe not all of them. This is only temporary, after all, when you sell your home you will have to pack your things anyway to make the move, so why not get some of it done now?

A vacant home is unique in that, in most cases, all the furnishings are gone. Vacant homes and empty rooms are often difficult for buyers to envision what can go in the room or the function of the room. Home staging helps to define the empty spaces and highlight the best features of a room.

For vacant property, home staging makes a vacant property a home.

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